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A book club of sorts for fans of the Plum series written by Janet Evanovich
Welcome to plum_lovin a book club for fans of the Plum series by Janet Evanovich. Yeah, we're all a little Plum Crazy over Stephanie Plum and her cohorts!

We're easy here. There's just two:

1. Respect your fellow members.
2. Absolutely NO character bashing. None. It will not be tolerated. Your membership will be revoked immediately. I don't care if you're a Cupcake supporter or a Babe supporter, we are adults here and will conduct ourselves as such.

READING LIST: We'll start reading from the beginning and then discuss each book.

One For the Money - discussion opened 10/7/2008
Two For the Dough - discussion opened 10/27/2008
Three to Get Deadly - discussion opened 12/08/2008
Four to Score - discussion opened 01/08/2009
High Five - discussion opened 01/24/2009
Hot Six - discussion opened on 02/09/2009
Seven Up - discussion opened on 02/20/2009
Hard Eight - discussion opened on 03/16/2009
Visions of Sugar Plums - discussion opened on 03/31/2009
To the Nines - discussion opened on 4/23/2009.
Ten Big Ones - discussion opened on 5/5/2009.
Eleven On Top - discussion opened on 06/08/2009.
Twelve Sharp - discussion opened on 07/07/09.
Plum Lovin' - discussion will on Sunday, August 2, 2009.
Lean Mean Thirteen - discussion will open on Tuesday, September 8, 2009.
Plum Lucky - discussion will open on Sunday, September 27, 2009.
Fearless Fourteen - discussion will on open on Sunday, October 11, 2009.
Plum Spooky - discussion will open Sunday, October 25, 2009.
Finger Lickin' Fifteen - discussion will open Sunday, November 14, 2009.

Q: Who is Stephanie Plum?
A: Stephanie Plum is a kick-ass bounty hunter who works for her slimy cousin Vinnie Plum at his bail bonds agency. She's hard on cars and men. *g*

Q: Where do the stories take place?
A: In Trenton, NJ.

Q: Who is Joe Morelli?
A: Joe Morelli is Stephanie's on again, off again boyfriend. He's a former bad boy, now vice cop.

Q: Who is Ranger?
A: Ranger is Stephanie's fellow bounty hunter and tutor. Ranger loves Stephanie "in his own way" but isn't the marrying type.

Q: Who is Grandma Mazur?
A: Grandma Mazur is Stephanie's maternal grandmother. She's quite the pip!

Q: What are Tastykakes?
A: Tastykakes have been made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 1914. They're yummy little treats along the lines of Little Debbie -- but oh, so much better. The deliciousness of Tastykakes is a regional thing -- they're only shipped as far as freshness will allow.

Q: What are Cheese Doodles
A: They're a cheese-flavored corn snack made by Wise Foods, similar to Frito's Cheetos. Wise is also a regional company, or at least it used to be, so Stephanie Plum would be familiar with their yummy goodness.

Q: Who can join plum_lovin?
A: Anyone who is interested in reading and discussing the books.

Q: Can I still join even if I haven't read the books before?
A: Oh course! The more the merrier. You can even join if we're half way through the series. Just post your thoughts on the appropriate threads.

Q: Do I have to read the series in order?
A: Well, no, but it might be best if you want character history. Otherwise you can just go to either Janet's site or Wikipedia to catch up.