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Twelve Sharp Discussion Thread

Everyone enjoying their summer so far? :)

1. What did you think of Edward Scrog?
2. Did you enjoy finding out more about Ranger or did it take away the mystique?
3. What did you think of the Stephanie/Morelli/Ranger dynamic in this book?
4. Did you figure out who Meri was before it was revealed?
5. Were you surprised when the Mini made it through basically unscathed (except for the bullet off the bumper in the beginning)?
6. Do you think Stephanie is getting better at being a bounty hunter or is she just lucky?
7. What did you think of Lula and Sallie's band?
8. Overall, how would you rate this book?

Reminder: Our next book is a Between-the-Numbers book -- Plum Lovin'. The discussion thread will go up on Sunday, August 2nd. See you then!

Eleven On Top Discussion Thread

As always, a little food for thought...

1. What did you think of Stephanie quitting Vinnie's bond agency? Did you think she could really stay away?
2. Did Valerie's decision concerning her wedding come as a shock to you?
3. Did you find Mama Macaroni and that mole creepy?
4. What did you think of all the explosions?
5. Did you enjoy the food fight between Stephanie's mom and Grandma Mazur?
6. No Connie, Vinnie and very little Lula in this book, did you miss them?
7. What did you think of Stephanie working for Ranger?
8. Should Stephanie be committed to Joe when she obviously can't let Ranger stop touching/kissing her? Were you surprised with how calm Joe handled Stephanie working for Ranger and coming home without her underwear, or do you think it was just Joe's painkillers that made him so mellow?
9. Did you figure out who was really stalking Stephanie?
10. What did you think of the ending?

Diesel Discussion Thread

As if Stephanie doesn't have enough hot men in her life, Diesel shows up. What are your thoughts on the newest hottie?


The Plum Family Discussion Thread

Let's talk about Stephanie's family. Are they crazy or what???


Eleven On Top will open for discussion on Sunday, June 7th.

With summer coming, I'm thinking we could all use a bit of a break and just concentrate on one book a month with discussion opening on the first Sunday (with exceptions for Independence Day and Labor Day). With that in mind, this is what the schedule would look like...

1. Eleven On Top -- Sunday, June 7th
2. Twelve Sharp -- Monday, July 6th
3. Plum Lovin' -- Sunday, August 2nd
4. Lean Mean Thirteen -- Tuesday, September 8th
5. Plum Lucky -- Sunday, September 27th
6. Fearless Fourteen -- Sunday, October 11th
7. Plum Spooky -- Sunday, October 25th
8. Finger Lickin' Fifteen -- Sunday, November 14th

Please weigh in with your thoughts.



Ten Big Ones Discussion Thread

Some food for thought...

1. Did you enjoy the book?
2. What did you think of the ending?
3. Were you happy to see Sally Sweet back?
4. Are you ready for Valerie to ride off into the sunset yet?
5. What did you think of Stephanie's "safe house"? Would you have made the same decision if you were in her shoes?
6. Are you enjoying the Morelli/Stephanie/Ranger triangle? If not, why?
7. Would you rob a Fritos truck if you were PMS'ing? (sorry guys *g*)
8. Plum family fun fest throughout the book, or Plum family snore fest?

Let's hear what you think!

Finger Lickin' Fifteen

Finger Lickin' Fifteen will be released on June 23rd and as usual, Janet is having a book tour.

Tuesday, June 23
Barnes & Noble
911 Haddonfield Road
Cherry Hill, NJ
6 p.m. signing

Wednesday, June 24
Chapters Queensway
1950 The Queensway
Etobicoke, Ontario
6 p.m. signing

Thursday, June 25
830 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL
6 p.m. signing

Saturday, June 27
Sam's Club
10600 Davis Drive
Alpharetta, GA
12 noon signing

Chapter 1 is up on her site and can be found here. A copy of the jacket, as well as the bookplate, can also be found on her site.

Reading List

The following is the rest of the reading list in order of publishing dates...

Ten Big Ones
Eleven On Top
Twelve Sharp
Plum Lovin'
Lean Mean Thirteen
Plum Lucky
Fearless Fourteen
Plum Spooky
Finger Lickin' Fifteen (to be released on June 23rd)

How's it going?

I'd like to know how everyone is doing keeping up with the reading. Do you still think two weeks is still a good amount of time to read the books? If not, I'm open to something else. I've been thinking that maybe we could read two a month and I'd post the discussion thread on the 7th and 21st of each month. Does that sound reasonable?

Personally, my family life has been hectic the last couple of months and with summer coming, it's going to be even crazier. I know I've slipped with the last few projected dates, and I'm sorry, but sometimes life happens.

Let me know your thoughts!


To the Nines Discussion Thread

1. What did you think of the Cone brothers? Did you figure out who Clyde was before the end of the book?
2. Would you want to be a part of Stephanie's crazy family, or are you already part of something similar?
3. How long do you think the Stephanie/Morelli living arrangement is going to last? (And no cheating if you've already read ahead)
4. Lula's dieting...have you done something similar?
5. Did you feel maternal/paternal instincts kick in with Boo or Valerie's baby?
6. Was this the scariest situation Stephanie's been in to date?
7. Can you believe her car made it through this book?
8. What did you think of Ranger's band of merry men?

As always, looking forward to your thoughts!